Marloes ten Bhomer explaining the processes of rapidprototyping, folding, pressed leather technique, and rotational moulding.

Andreia Chaves shows designing with 3-D modelling 

Doshi Levien consists of English designer Jonathan Levien and Indian designer Nipa Doshi. Doshi Levien collaborated with bespoke shoemakers John Lobb Ltd to create this range of shoes, entitled Apprentice. 

Nipa and Charlotte, design process. Image courtesy dezeen

Many modern shoes are made in rubber and plastics, this interesting video shows you how to make a shoe mould with Silicone rubber. Silicone Shoe Making Moulds

The artisan Sebastian Tarek at work, ‘Approaching each step within the design process with a degree of fluidity and precision.’ Making shoes

Understanding the shoe making process can be seen here at Edward Green, established in England in 1890. They design their shoes for longevity to repair and renew. You don’t have to always buy new.



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