Shoe Icons

Shoe Icons is a virtual shoe museum, first of its kind in Russia. With a collection of over 1800 shoes, dating from eighteen century to present day is being constantly expanded by Nazim Mustafaev, the founder of the museum. Nazim Mustafaev is an avid collector of shoes; he looks for fine craftsmanship, and originality in form, shape, material and colour, along with tracing the development in the making of the shoes. He is a man who knows his shoes well, and talks about them with love, and passion combined with a depth of knowledge, which one accumulates through years of research.

Nazim Mustafaev was in London yesterday and visited the Christian Louboutin retrospective exhibition at the Design Museum. We were fortunate to interview him on his visit, during which he spoke about his shoe collection and his views on the exhibition. We will run a full feature on it in our Interviews and Reviews section on the 21st of June 2012.

The Shoe-Icons is also a specialised publishing house and prints books on footwear history and design, photo albums, calendars, catalogues, reference material and business editions dealing with footwear. If you are looking for crisp images with information on shoes, accessories, print material, vintage catalogues on shoes, this virtual shoe museum is the place to visit.[]=451&page=3



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